The top grossing animated movies of all time

Toy Story 3

This vampire film revolves around a "what-if" situation involving Max Schreck, the film's lead actor, and the director of the iconic silent picture Nosferatu. For authenticity's sake, director F.W. Murnau looks for and casts a real-life vampire in the part to produce the perfect vampire movie.


"Frozen" and "Frozen II," two films from the same franchise, topped the box office receipts records, grossing Disney a total of $2,740,026,933. Would you like to construct a snowman... out of gold?

Finding Nemo

"Finding Nemo" nearly made it into the billion-dollar club with its $936 million global box office take. This movie has a wonderful moral to the narrative, and quotes and remarks from it are frequently repeated in homes.

The Lion King

With $968 million in global box office receipts since its debut, "The Lion King" stands as one of Disney's most successful non-Pixar animated films and that's before the incredible stage production and its sequels. They never ever imagined it would be a hit, believe it or not.

Incredibles 2

'Incredibles 2' was released in 2018 and brought in over 1.24 billion dollars globally for Pixar, which has been under Disney's ownership since 2006.  Winston Deavor, the evil genius, has a scheme for Elastigirl to battle crime and restore the popularity of superheroes.


With a remarkable tale and a global gross profit of $1,025,521,689, this inspirational adventure about pursuing your ambitions brought Disney another successful film.

Frozen II

Being the highest-grossing Disney animated film ever, Frozen II surpassed all expectations. $1.22 trillion). Three years after the first film's conclusion, the second one starts.

Toy Story 4

This movie made $1,072,817,964 at the global box office, which is comparable to 'Toy Story 3'. It is a genuinely amazing franchise. With Bonnie and a brand-new toy called Forky, Woody, Buzz, and the crew set out on a road trip. In order to help this toy overcome his existential crisis, the others must persuade him of Bonnie's importance.