The Black Female Producers Behind Some of Your Favorite Songs

Sylvia Robinson

Co-founding Sugar Hill Records in 1979 was one of Robinson's greatest accomplishments during her lengthy career. She also played a major role in the early stages of hip-hop.


WondaGurl, a Canadian, began completing circuits around the competition at the age of 16. She co-wrote Jay-Z's blockbuster song "Crown" while she was a teenager, which led to more collaborations with Travis Scott ("Antidote"), Ab-Soul ("Braille"), and Rihanna ("Bitch Better Have My Money").

Sonia Pottinger

Sonia Pottinger is another Black woman producer that music enthusiasts should know about. The legendary Jamaican reggae artist passed away in 2010 at the age of 79 after a lengthy life filled with artistic expression.

Ester Dean

42 years old Ester Dean is a multitalented woman with experience in performing and producing. She voiced characters in Rio and the Trolls movie world, but you might know her from the Pitch Perfect film series.

Talia Goddess

Goddess, as her name implies, has a talent for making ethereal melodies that captivate you. Her ascent to prominence started while she was still a teenager, and now days she directs her energies toward a variety of artistic endeavors, such as producing.

Sylvia Robinson

Denise De'ion is a Black female producer who was born in Canada and is renowned for her "persistent, playful, and passionate" nature. Since 2007, she has been refining her beatmaking abilities.

Janet Jackson

Like her late brother Michael, Janet Jackson was primarily recognized for her vocals and performances, but she was also a skilled music producer. The singer of "Black Cat" co-produced her 1986 album Control, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for the first time.


It's not surprising that Beyoncé has created some of her own songs, considering that she always wanted to be a superstar. The mother of three did more than simply sing on hits like "2 Step," "Brown Eyes," and "Dance with Me" during her time as a member of Destiny's Child.

Aretha Franklin

Even while her powerful vocals still compel attention, we must also acknowledge the other contributions that the late Aretha Franklin made to music.