Melodic Maestros: 9 Singers Known for Their Iconic Voices

Jackson's best-selling record is "Thriller." His 13 Grammy Awards and memorable videos and dancing movements changed mainstream culture.

Michael Jackson

Cooke's silky voice and hits like "A Change Is Gonna Come" made him a 1960s music icon. He was an influential composer and businessman.

Sam Cooke

Beyoncé, a worldwide phenomenon with 28 Grammy Awards, is noted for her tremendous vocals, theatrical presence, and numerous musical styles.


King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis Presley shaped popular music forever. He became a cultural icon and rock & roll pioneer with a run of singles and spectacular performances.

Elvis Presley

Fitzgerald, the First Lady of Song, won 13 Grammys for her singing. Her scat singing and improvisation made her a jazz icon and the first African American woman to win a Grammy.

Ella Fitzgerald

Activism and social problems are his hallmarks, and "Songs in the Key of Life" is a masterpiece.

Stevie Wonder

Prince was an accomplished musician who defied genres. With Grammys and smashes like "Purple Rain," he shaped the music business.


Rock 'n' Roll Queen Turner's strong voice and performances earned her several awards.

Tina Turner

Franklin's strong voice and emotional delivery garnered her 18 Grammys, including the inaugural Best Female R&B Vocal Performance award.

Aretha Franklin