Justin Bieber's cried like a 'pretty' baby during Hailey pregnancy

Justin Bieber's cried like a 'pretty' baby during Hailey pregnancy

The first Instagram video shows the pair kissing, while the second shows Hailey, 27, holding her bump in a white lace Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello garment.

With a minister leading, the couple appeared to have renewed their vows in private to celebrate the news.

Bieber posted a tearful photo on Instagram two weeks before the pair announced themselves.

His wife and he have also expressed their health concerns publicly.

Hailey was hospitalized with a brain blood clot in March 2022, and Justin was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which immobilized half his face, a few months later.

Despite the Peaches singer not revealing the cause of his tears, Hailey, who was secretly pregnant, added, A pretty crier.

One fan said, Hailey s just made us know JB s okay, guys. Her lightheartedness reassured supporters that the pop star s tears were not a significant issue.

Before announcing the news on Thursday, Hailey said she cried over her aspirations of having a family with Justin. I cry over this all the time!

People saying things about my husband or pals is enough. I cannot image confronting individuals who say things about a child.