All Time Best 9 Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

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Pixie Cut: A classic short hairstyle that works well for round faces. It's short on the sides and back with slightly longer layers on top, creating volume and elongating the face

Asymmetrical Bob: This bob haircut is longer on one side than the other, which helps to create angles and slim down the face.

Layered Bob: A layered bob adds texture and volume, helping to give the illusion of a longer face.

Side-Swept Bangs: Bangs swept to the side can create the illusion of a longer face by adding asymmetry and drawing attention away from the roundness.

Long Pixie with Side Swept Bangs: Similar to a traditional pixie cut but with longer layers in the front that can be styled into side-swept bangs.

Short Shag: A short shag haircut with choppy layers and texture can add volume and movement to the hair, creating the appearance of a slimmer face.

Textured Crop: This hairstyle features short, textured layers all over the head, adding volume and dimension.

Sleek Bob with Middle Part: A sleek bob with a middle part can elongate the face by creating vertical lines.

Tousled Waves: Short hair with tousled waves adds texture and volume, which can help to balance out the roundness of the face.