9 Household Items 70s Moms Swore by That We Can t Imagine Using Today

Clotheslines and Clothespins: Back in the 70s, air-drying clothes on a clothesline was a common practice.

Rubber Sheets: Before the widespread use of disposable diapers, rubber sheets were commonly used to protect mattresses from accidents during potty training.

Manual Typewriters: While typewriters were once a staple of home offices, the advent of computers and printers has rendered manual typewriters virtually obsolete.

Rotary Dial Phones: In the 70s, rotary dial phones were the norm, complete with the satisfying click-click-click as you dialed each number.

Milk Delivery Services: In the 70s, many families relied on milk delivery services for fresh dairy products.

Manual Egg Beaters: Before electric mixers became commonplace, manual egg beaters were used to whip eggs and mix batters.

Carbon Paper: In the days before photocopiers and printers, carbon paper was used to make copies of documents by placing it between sheets of paper and typing or writing on the top sheet. 

Film Cameras: In the 70s, capturing memories meant using film cameras, complete with rolls of film that needed to be developed.

Clothes Wringer: Before the widespread availability of washing machines with built-in spin cycles, clothes wringers were used to remove excess water from freshly washed laundry.