Arepa: A staple of Colombian cuisine, arepas are cornmeal cakes that can be grilled, baked, or fried.

Empanadas: Empanadas are savory turnovers filled with various ingredients such as beef, chicken, cheese, or potatoes.

Bandeja Paisa: While more of a meal than a snack, bandeja paisa is a hearty platter that's often sold by street vendors.

Choclo con Queso: This simple yet delicious snack consists of boiled corn on the cob served with a slice of fresh cheese.

Patacón: Patacón is made from green plantains that are sliced, fried, and then flattened into large, crispy discs.

Pandebono: A popular Colombian cheese bread, pandebono is made from corn flour, cheese, eggs, and yuca (cassava) starch.

Ajiaco: A traditional Colombian soup, ajiaco is often sold by street vendors in disposable cups.

Obleas: Obleas are thin, wafer-like cookies made from wheat flour and filled with various sweet toppings such as caramel, chocolate, jam, or grated cheese.

Mazorca Desgranada: This is a popular street food made from corn kernels mixed with mayonnaise, cheese, and sometimes ketchup and hot sauce.