8 Countries That Hate U.S. Tourists


Political tensions between the U.S. and Iran have contributed to strained relations, leading to potential hostility towards American tourists.

North Korea

North Korea: The isolated regime of North Korea maintains a hostile stance towards the U.S., and American tourists may face strict regulations and surveillance if permitted to visit.


Cuba: Despite recent improvements in diplomatic relations, lingering political tensions between the U.S. and Cuba may result in mixed sentiments towards American tourists.


Venezuela: Economic and political instability in Venezuela, coupled with strained relations with the U.S., may contribute to negative perceptions of American tourists.


Russia: Political differences and historical tensions between the U.S. and Russia can sometimes lead to unfriendly attitudes towards American visitors.


China: While China welcomes tourism, political disputes and cultural differences may occasionally result in negative attitudes towards U.S. tourists, particularly during times of heightened tension.


Nicaragua: Political unrest and anti-American sentiment in Nicaragua have led to occasional hostility towards U.S. tourists, particularly during periods of civil unrest.


Iraq: Due to security concerns, ongoing conflict, and political tensions, Iraq may not be a welcoming destination for U.S. tourists. The presence of extremist groups and the risk of violence