8 Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Pistachio Swirl: This simple nail design features green squiggles on a nude base, creating a playful yet subtle look. Achieve this manicure using shades like Matcha and Chartreuse from Gel Care, along with Mint Chocolate Chip from Le Mini Macaron.

Rainbow Rhinestones: Elevate a nude base with Rainbow Fish Rhinestones from Cirque Colors, adding a pop of color and sparkle for a fun yet understated nail design.

Yin-Yang: Create a pretty yin-yang tip design using the shade Terracotta from Nail Bunny, complementing a milky base while adding a subtle hint of color.

French Tips: Classic French tips get a beautiful execution with shades like Rose BB Cream from Gel Care and Smelly Cat from Madam Glam, offering a timeless and elegant nail look.

Pink Aura: Nail artist Lia Smith achieves Aura Nails using OPI shades Baby, Take a Vow, and Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, creating a simple design with a makeup sponge to achieve an aura effect, perfect for quick and trendy manicures.

Card Shuffle: Embrace a playful theme with a playing cards-inspired manicure using shades like Toadstool, Memento Mori, and Chemistry from Cirque Colors, along with Kelli Marissa stickers for added flair.

Glitter Top Coat: Add interest to any shade with a chunky glitter topcoat like Fuyu Jelly, Final Girl, and Hex Girl from Cirque Colors, providing a touch of sparkle without overwhelming the design.

Purple Squiggles: Abstract purple lines add a special touch to a plain manicure, created using shades like Divine Self and Milky Dream from Madam Glam, offering an easy way to elevate your nail look.