10 Small U.S. Cities With Surprisingly Affordable Housing

Muncie, Indiana: Nestled in the heart of Indiana, Muncie offers affordable housing options amidst its university town atmosphere.

Grand Forks, North Dakota: Situated in the Upper Midwest, Grand Forks boasts a stable economy and affordable housing for residents.

Huntsville, Alabama: Known as the "Rocket City," Huntsville blends technology with affordable housing solutions in a Southern setting.

Pueblo, Colorado: With its rich history and scenic beauty, Pueblo, Colorado, provides affordable housing amidst the Rocky Mountains.

Johnson City, Tennessee: Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains, Johnson City offers affordable housing and a tight-knit community vibe.

Wichita Falls, Texas: Located in North Texas, Wichita Falls charms with its low cost of living and diverse housing options.

Dubuque, Iowa: Along the banks of the Mississippi River, Dubuque boasts a strong sense of community and affordable housing opportunities.

Marquette, Michigan: Surrounded by the Great Lakes, Marquette delights with its natural beauty and affordable housing market.

Altoona, Pennsylvania: Close to major cities like Pittsburgh, Altoona provides affordable housing options in a scenic Pennsylvania setting.

Jonesboro, Arkansas: In the heart of the Natural State, Jonesboro offers affordable housing and a thriving local economy.