10 famous foods to try in your lifetime


Experience the delicate balance of fresh fish and vinegared rice in this iconic Japanese dish, known for its elegance and simplicity.


Indulge in the comforting goodness of melted cheese, tangy tomato sauce, and flavorful toppings on a crispy crust, a beloved Italian classic enjoyed worldwide.


Dive into a bowl of rich broth, chewy noodles, and savory toppings in this Japanese comfort food, offering endless variations and regional specialties.


Delight in the buttery layers of flaky pastry, golden and crisp on the outside, soft and airy on the inside, a quintessential French pastry enjoyed for breakfast or anytime treat.

Peking Duck

Enjoy the crispy skin, succulent meat, and delicate pancakes of this Chinese delicacy, renowned for its traditional preparation and exquisite flavor.


Relish the vibrant flavors and textures of soft tortillas filled with savory meats, fresh vegetables, and zesty salsas, a beloved street food staple from Mexico.


Indulge in the creamy smoothness and intense flavors of Italian ice cream, made with fresh milk, seasonal fruits, and premium ingredients, a delightful frozen treat.


Sink your teeth into a juicy beef patty, nestled between soft buns and topped with cheese, lettuce, and pickles, an American classic that's simple yet satisfying.


Indulge in the hearty goodness of crispy fries, rich gravy, and squeaky cheese curds in this Canadian comfort food, a deliciously decadent treat.


Dive into layers of eggplant, potatoes, ground meat, and creamy béchamel sauce, baked to golden perfection in this Greek comfort food classic.