10 Best Companion Plants For Sunflowers

Marigolds: Besides adding vibrant color, marigolds repel harmful insects and attract beneficial ones, making them perfect companions for sunflowers.

Tomatoes: Pairing well with sunflowers, tomatoes benefit from the shade provided by tall sunflowers, reducing water loss and trapping stink bugs.

Zucchini: When grown with sunflowers, zucchini plants use sunflower stalks as support, preventing vines from overtaking the garden.

Peppers: Peppers deter pests that may attack sunflowers and provide a vibrant line of defense around them.

Zinnias: With cheery blooms that match sunflowers, zinnias make an ideal lower layer in a flower garden.

Basil: Basil's fragrance deters pests like whiteflies, beetles, and mosquitos, while attracting bees and pollinators beneficial for sunflowers.

Corn: Sunflowers and corn grow side-by-side, reaching for the sun without competing for space, soil, or sunlight.

Chives: Easy to grow with shallow roots, chives repel pests like Japanese beetles and aphids, benefiting nearby sunflowers.

Shasta Daisy: With a similar joyful appearance to sunflowers, Shasta daisies create a striking visual contrast when planted beneath tall sunflowers.

Lettuce: Providing shade for sunflowers during hot days, lettuce attracts ladybugs that eat aphids, benefiting both plants in the garden.